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Our comprehensive wellness & gym management software has been designed from the ground-up to help you work efficiently and create an interactive experience for your users, members and clients. With Wellyx, you get more than a software supplier, you get a business partner who will strive to optimize your business potential with you.

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Member Management

Whether you are a yoga studio with local presence, or a large chain of gyms, simply your membership management with Wellyx.


From offering online sign-ups & bookings to membership based on sessions, times or classes. Our tools allow you to create, track and implement membership rules based on your local needs.


With an innovative dashboard, you can visualise your members behaviour whilst effortlessly communicating with them over SMS/Emails/Push Notifications. Moreover, the member portal allows members to view memberships, payments, bookings and so much more.


With our seamless integration for Direct Debit & Card Payment, whatever your business needs, we’ve got the solution for you. You can easily add new members, upgrade, freeze and change memberships and payments all from within Wellyx.

Client Management

Smart, simple and powerful, our client module works the way you do and has all the tools you could need.


From online, mobile & tablet bookings that offer automated & manual notifications to the most powerful scheduling solution on the market. Your business is ready to book clients.


From card processing through your website/app, to a point of sale solution that seamlessly brings everything together. Give your team the right product to expand your business.


From scheduling your employees to managing your client, with our powerful dashboards & reports, you can track real time sales and the costs associated with them.

Dynamic Scheduling

Take control of your scheduler. From managing members, clients, staff, classes & treatments our unique scheduler satisfies complex workforce scheduling needs while focusing on maximising your margins.


Built for spas, salons and the fitness industry, our scheduler offer you multiple views and filter options while giving you real time business management. Instantly know what every client wants, cut no-shows and avoid overbooking.


From scheduling employee shifts to managing their time & attendance, maximize your operational efficiency, detect absenteeism anomalies, trends and automate everyday HR tasks.


Drive sales with effective lead management and that starts with our scheduler. View lead past, present and future calls & appointments all within your scheduler.

Lead Management Solution

Effectively managing leads bridges the gap between marketing & sales. At Wellyx we provide the necessary tools for you to identity potential leads, engage them, before turning them into sales.


Not getting enough qualified leads from your website? With Wellyx intelligent & interactive forms, you could be capturing more leads while simultaneously qualifying each lead.


With our wellness focused pipeline, timely follow ups, personalized emails & SMS, you can click, drag and drop and save you time at every stage of the funnel.


Assign leads to employees, scheduler calls, appointments, tasks, and notes. Give your sales team the right tools to convert leads into members.

Connect with Members, Clients, Staff & Leads

From automated notifications to templates, our communications platform allows you to continuously engage your stakeholder in numerous ways.


We offer two-way email conversations between you and your members, clients, staff and leads. All easily accessible with their profiles.


As with emails, we also offer two-way SMS conversations between you and your members, clients, staff and leads. All SMS can be found within their profiles.

Push Notification

For members we also have push notifications, triggered by automated events and manually by the club.

Branded Mobile App

Wellness has gone mobile and business that fail to introduce a mobile app are suffering as a result. It’s time to take action.


Let members check their membership history, view invoices and manage their class bookings, plus send push notifications when required.


Your members can smoothly sign up for the classes, without having to call or email and cancel when necessary.


Sell additional memberships, products and services directly from your App. Increase revenue the Wellyx way.

Connecting you to your customers

Integrate, automate and innovate.  Personalize your website contents for every visitor and let your customers buy memberships, classes, services, products and manage their account.

Leads & Memberships

Provide potential members an easy process to enter your leads funnel or sell memberships directly from your website.

Classes, Services & PT Bookings

Allow members & clients to enrol in their favourite classes or book a spa service or pay for personal training.

Products & Account Management

Buy products directly from the website and allow members or clients to manage their own payments, bookings and much more.

Wellyx Payment Solutions

Accepts payments quickly, easily and securely. Whether in-person, online or remotely, we have the right solution for you. And we process Direct Debits, debit and credit cards.


Accept chip and pin, contactless payments, direct debits and so much more in club. Plug into our platform solution and scale your business.

Recurring Payment

Membership management is challenging, from deciding how to accept recurring payments to providing accurate billing information. But with a comprehensive, customized payment solution, you can be sure that you are ready for all eventualities.

Online/Remote Payment

Plug into the all-in-one toolkit to scale your online business. We provide a number of solutions for you to accept debit and credit cards from anywhere


From planning rotas, to checking staff time & attendance to allocating roles and access to staff. Wellyx was built to save you time, money and effort.

Rota Planning

Plan staff rotas & shifts online in minutes, share with staff in an instant and be confident in the knowledge that staff know when and where they need to be.

Time & Attendance

Set up time clock terminals, track employee attendance, & clock in/out notifications, we have built this for the wellness industry and its many quirks.


However, your company is structured there still needs to be some compartmentalization for security and privacy concerns. With the help of roles, you decided who get to see what.

Reliable, Robust, Wellness Focused

Purpose built for the wellness industry, Wellyx offers a complete point of sale solution, that’s easy to use.

Debit & Credit Card

Process cards within Wellyx and streamline your payment process instantly. Reduce paperwork, eliminate costly errors and sleep easier knowing we are PCI compliant.

Classes, Services & Products

Face to face, or online through our website, or your custom branded app, you can take payment for memberships, classes, services and even products.

Hardware Installation

We offer all the equipment you need to create a modern setup, from scanners, USB receipt printers, to cash drawers.

Dashboards & Reporting

Business reporting is made easy, with our insightful dashboards and reports. Know the data you need, when you need it.


We provide a dashboard for every module, allowing you to keep UpToDate in real time. Showcase your data on wallboards and more.


With over 60 customisable reports, Wellyx provides a reporting tool that answers all your questions.


Join the future of data and analytics. Look into trends that affect you and dig deeper into your data to see what works and more importantly what does not work.

More Features

Wellyx is the most comprehensive wellness management system in the market. We cover all modules needed to manage and grow your wellness business. Click on the links below for further information.

What We Offer

Constant Innovation

Continually exposing the wellness industry to the latest technologies and products, enabling your business to grow and prosper.

A Scalable Solution

Designed to be scalable, full of adaptable features that provide your business with a solution now and for the future.

Unrivaled Support

Great customer service is part of our DNA. A dedicated team are on hand to make sure you get the most out of your software.

Unique Benefits

We make sure everything we do benefits your business, designing features you want, to make managing your business easy!

Industry Experts

Recognized for our values and passion for the wellness industry, we’ve spent years developing our products and processes.

The Complete Solution

With a portfolio of products that seamlessly work together to streamline every stage of your business. Wellyx is everything you need and more!

Client testimonials

Happy clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception. Read our testimonials below.

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With Wellyx you get all the tools in one easy to use software, to increase your bottom line and change your life for the better.